Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Noida, Delhi And NCR

Being a bride is not easy and getting the bridal makeup right can be even harder. As a bride one needs to take into point two primary things to have the perfect bridal make up. First, as a bride, you need to have your face and skin get a glow from within, to achieve that some simple beauty tips can be followed. Second, get the best bridal makeup artist to give you the look that you want as an Indian bride.

If you are from Delhi NCR or Noida, look for Niti Luthra one of the best bridal makeup artists in IndiaSince Indian bridal makeup is quite an elaborate and time-consuming affair as a bride you need to be sure of four things when selecting the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi for your wedding.  

1.    Do not solely rely on Instagram photos: If you are from Noida and require a bridal makeup artist, you will see that Instagram is flooding with a list of Bridal makeup artist in Noida lists on the social media. While Instagram can be a great platform to get ideas about the kind of look and makeup you would like to have for your wedding as the bride but do not make it the only source for selecting your bridal makeup artist. Since most of the pictures uploaded on Instagram by the makeup artists are airbrushed, so once you have shortlisted the makeup artist, start your research. Ask people who have used the service of the artist. If you ask around about Niti Luthra, you will definitely get a good review and that can be quite reassuring.

2.     Choose the look you want: Not many bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR can boast of offering you with a wide range of bridal makeup looks. Niti Luthra is one such bridal makeup artist in Delhi NCR, who can give do that for you. So visit the artist and ask her to show you the kind of makeup she has done for her other clients. Select the look that you want for your D-day and understand the artist’s signature style and whether it suits you before finalising the bridal makeup artist.

3.     Do the trail:You might want to save some money by skipping the trial, but all bridal makeup artists will tell you to go for the trail. This will ensure you understand end result and save you from some unwanted shock on the big day. It will also make you comfortable with the makeup artist and you will get to know her style before you entrust her with the final day.

4.     Find the best makeup artist in Noida with whom you are comfortable: While it is the duty of the bridal makeup artist to make you comfortable like Niti Luthra does, its also for you to check that you can relax with the person. Makeup time is one of the dreaded times during the big day when the nerves often kick in hence finding the person who can soothe and understand your mood is important. 

With Niti Luthra doing your bridal makeup you can be content about all these four factors while being sure that you will look perfect for your big day.