Celebrity Makeup Artist in Noida, Delhi, NCR

Niti Luthra is a trained professional makeup artist. She has been in the field working as celebrity makeup artist in Noida for last one decade. But being a celebrity makeup artist is no easy job; while you work in close proximity to the celebrities you also have to be aware of their needs and demands. As a celebrity makeup artist of Delhi NCR, Hence she knows how to deal with celebs and understands their requirements and demands.  Over the years Niti’s work with FDCI, ICWF, NDTV’s Gadget Guru and Times of India’s Femina Believe has only equipped her better in working with celebrities.  

As one of the best celebrity makeup artists in India, Niti Luthra has been excelling in her job because of the following reasons:

·         Make a bond with the celebrities: It is difficult to treat celebrity clients as regular people but as a makeup artist any client of yours is as important as the other, whether s/he is a celebrity or not. Rather than tiptoeing or cowering in silence around the celebrity be your cheerful self, it will put the celebrity into ease too. Thereby creating a bond between you too. However, do not that all celebrities do not like to be treated as ‘every day, regular’ people. If you see they like the attention, you should show that attentiveness.

·         Be professional: While being on the topic of being yourself and friendly, do not try to become their buddy. Our celebrity makeup artists in Delhi, Noida Maintain your professional attitude and one of the best ways to do that is not ask for selfies or take any images without the permission of your celebrity client. This will ensure that while you are being professional you are also respecting the celebrity’s privacy as taking a picture without consent is breaching of privacy. You can only request for a picture as a part of building your resume.

·         Get to know your celebrity’s style: After a celebrity hires you, go to Google and research. Check out the style the celebrity has and the kind of makeup she likes to get. Also look for the makeups that have worked well on the celebrity in the past. The more you study the celebrity and his/her makeup styles the more likely you will be able to meet their requirements.

·         Understand and respect: All celebrities have different requirements and it is all about you as a celebrity makeup artists in Noida understanding that. This is where the research comes in handy. Some celebrity might ask you to give a natural look but if you have studied his/her previous images you will understand what he/she means. Some might mean giving full cover with neutral shades while others might want something else. Some celebs may want you to work from scratch, some may arrive with the base done, and some may wish to use their own products. As a makeup artist, you have to understand the requirement and respect your client and work accordingly.  

Being a well-known celebrity makeup artist in Noida, Niti Luthra respects her clients and helps them in creating statements with their makeup and style.