Best Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR

If you are a bride-to-be or anyone who wants to look ravishing for a party and living in Noida or Delhi NCR or for that matter anywhere in India you should hire a professional makeup artist.  You can also contact Niti Luthra one of the best professional makeup artists in India. While you might know the tips and the tricks from online videos and websites on how to do your everyday makeup but it requires a professional artful eye to identify the beauty and the potential that each face has. As a professional makeup artist of Delhi NCR Niti Luthra is not only trained in giving you the flawless enduring makeup but is also trained and skilled at making you comfortable during the process of it.  

As a professional makeup artist one needs to be aware of the various factors that will determine the makeup and only a pro can do that. For example, a professional makeup artist like Niti Luthra understands that makeup for a portrait is very different from that done for every day. Similarly, proper care has to be taken for bridal makeup that would reflect her beauty in the photograph as well as in real life.   

If you are living in Noida you will find a list of professional makeup artists in Noida to select from for your big day. So do spend the money to get the look that you deserve. Here are the top five reasons why you should hire a professional makeup artist for the big day. 

1.      A professional makeup artist can identify your best features and has the ability to highlight them while downplaying your flaws, discoloration and blemished. They also have the ability to give you a fresh, polished look that will be striking instead of your tried and tested look.

2.      Lighting changes how your features look, a professional makeup artist will know how to capture and reflect the light with your makeup. Even if you want to look your everyday self, under the party light it will not be the same. A professional makeup artist of Delhi with proper makeup can help you to achieve that along with the fact that the products s/he will use will have the ability to stand the harshness of the party and camera lights.

3.      The professional makeup artist use products that have the ability to last all day with very minimum touch-ups. This will ensure you have the least bit of worry of your makeup wearing off as the day progresses. A proper makeup will let you remain fresh-faced from the start to the end of the party/ceremony. 

4.      The colour of your face is as important as rest of the party, mainly f you are the bride. The last thing you want is to have the colour on your face that does not match with your hands and neck. A professional makeup artist of Delhi, NCR will ensure that no such incident happens on the big day.

5.      With a professional makeup artist you can be stress free and enjoy the day without the worry how your makeup will look. 

So if you are looking for a makeup artist in Noida with a robust experience, look no further and contact Niti Luthra.