Best Party Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR

It might not be your big day but you would not want to look any less than the bride or the person on whose honour the party is being thrown for. There are many online tutorial videos on how to do a party makeup, but to look your best you would require someone professional like Niti Luthra, the best party makeup artist in Noida.  

As one of the well-known party makeup artists in Delhi NCR, Niti Luthra is of the opinion that depending on the kind of the party, where and what time of the day it is being held will determine your party look. Not all party makeup artists in India are aware of that or capable of offering their client the variety in party makeup. As a client while deciding for your party makeup artist in Noida do keep these five tips handy, they will help you in selecting the party makeup artist.

·         Check the brand of cosmetic used: A good cosmetic brand will ensure that your skin is looked after well despite the makeup. You will not suffer from allergies or skin breakouts later on after the usage of the makeup if it is of a reputed brand.

·         Makeup time: Most professional party makeup artists in Delhi perform their job quite quickly and that too without any mistakes. Check how long will the makeup artist take to complete the makeup, as this will determine the time you would require to get ready for the party. You would not want to either wait for a long time after getting ready for the party or continue to sit in the makeup chair while the party is on.

·         Referrals: Sometimes there are quite a few freelance makeup artists who might not have a website or is just starting out, you can hire them if they come well recommended from a friend or a family member. At times makeup artists hired through referrals works great.

·         Trail: Check with the makeup artist if he/she is offering you a trial. Generally, bridal makeup artists offer trials to the bride but for some high-profile party, you can always ask the party makeup artist to give you a trial to know what the end look will be like and not get a shock on the day of the main event.

·         Budget: While you should not compromise with the quality of the products but you should also ensure that the makeup artist is charging you reasonably and fits your budget. 

So after you have decided on selecting the party makeup artists while bearing in mind these tips, you can also select any one of these following looks for the party. The looks can range from being a Social Butterfly, the Mystery Girl, The Wild Child, the Diva or the Flirt. For all these different looks as a makeup artist, one would require to know the colors and the strokes that he/she would have to use to create the look.  Niti Luthra is an expert in creating various party looks, which makes her one of the best makeup artists in Noida and Delhi NCR.